In realization of the Bank’s values and to raise morale, Albilad holds the annual gathering for its Ambassadors

In realization of the Bank’s values and to raise morale, Albilad holds the annual gathering for its Ambassadors

In realization of the Bank's values and to raise morale,
Albilad holds the annual gathering for its Ambassadors

Bank Albilad has held the annual gathering for its ambassadors in presence of BOD chairman and members, senior CEO and its ambassadors in Al-Faisaliah Resort in which Dr. Abdulrahman Al-humaid, the Chairman, thanked all ambassadors for their performance in 2018. Mr. Abdulaziz AlOnaizan, CEO of the bank, addressed in his welcoming speech the most notable achievements realized by the bank in 2018, as well as the bank's aspirations for the coming period in 2019G. The gathering also contained variety of entertaining shows in addition to drawing for valuable prizes and honoring many ambassadors of the Bank for their extinguished performance during 2018G.

Dr. Abdulrahman Al-humaid, the Chairman of the Bank, declared his "pride and appreciation of the efforts exerted so far by the Bank's ambassadors to provide the best contribution and make the bank achieve the highest profits in its history which exceeded the billion threshold during 2018. We would never reach this achievement without efforts synergy of all of us. He stated that the journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and that the Bank considers its ambassadors as the basic foundation through which we can reach the sky and achieve the vision, message and aspirations sought by the Bank in the future.

Mr. Abdulaziz AlOnaizan, CEO of the bank, said, "I thank all the Bank's ambassadors for their consistent contributions in 2018 and previous years which enabled the Bank to reach one of its most significant objectives, reflecting the Bank's keenness to provide all training courses needed by its ambassadors to raise the practical efficiency to the highest level that helps to provide all solutions as well as innovative products and services for our respected customers through establishing a strategic plan by the chairman and board members, and working on it in the best way by other departments." AlOnaizan added, "The Bank invested in the human capital which is considered another strategic goal by providing up to 5000 specialized training programs in different field which are provided in association with number of leading training organizations in addition to training program during work which benefit the Bank's ambassadors." 

 AlOnaizan stated, "organization of such occasions aim to strengthen interconnection between the Bank's ambassadors and establish their mutual communication to achieve the bank's values, raise their morale, strengthen the principle of collective work, work effectiveness and increase of productivity which in return is reflected positively in providing the best services and establishing relationships with customers in a way that meet their requirements, needs and future aspirations."

It is worth noting that Bank Albilad has provided many innovative services which care for enhancing and improving the experience of the customer, as the Bank launched for the first time in KSA and Middle East DIGI account which enable all customers to open an account via the website without need to visit the Bank branch or providing any documents. Furthermore, the bank achieved a great progress in the field of information technology which facilitate the customers' life by updating the information of the account automatically without need to visit the Bank branch or providing any documents. The Bank, represented by its department for money transfer "enjaz", launched the recent innovations of enjaz to transfer money which is "Key KIOSK", the self-service machine, which enable customers to perform automatic money transfer for all the world within minutes. The Bank also launched Albilad application for smart devices aiming to improve the experience of the customers. This application gives the latest technologies in the world of Smart devices applications and provides the customers with easiness to implement all bank transactions safely and clearly. 

Recently, Bank Albilad launched Albilad USD account after the great success achieved by SAR account. It is the first account in Saudi Arabia that is compatible with the provisions and controls of Sharia Authority. It gives its customers (individuals, organizations, companies and charity associations) the freedom to fully control the account at any time and continue calculating the proceeds and deposit it in the customer account monthly. It enables the customers to save money easily and quickly and continue at the same time to enjoy high financial liquidity at any time.

It is noteworthy that Bank Albilad provides services to all clients through its extensive network of 150 branches across the country, in addition to five independent sales centers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dhahran, Tabuk and Al Kharj operating until 9:00 PM, as well as over 180 money transfer service centers "Injaz", including King Khalid Airport Center in Riyadh, which operates 24/24, An additional to "Injaz center" in Neom project in sharma city, cross neom road, sharma road and provides services to the SME sector through more than 10 centers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al-Hasa, Abha, Makkah, Al-Qassim, Hail, Al-Jubail and Al-Khafji. Albilad Bank business phone No. 8001237777, email:, supported by an ATM network of more than 850 ATMs and the latest integrated e-services 24/24, including the website and Albilad application for smart phones. Bank Albilad provides 24/24 communication line via Albilad phone No. (920001002) or through all social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat, to meet all their banking needs.

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