Under Society Responsibility "AlBiald" Provides Food Baskets in Ramadan.,

Under Society Responsibility "AlBiald" Provides Food Baskets in Ramadan.,

Under Society Responsibility "AlBiald" Provides Food Baskets in Ramadan

AlBiald Bank has provided "AlBiald Ramadan baskets" or Ramadan supplies for several needed families in different areas of KSA, where male and females ambassadors of KSA have participated in preparing such baskets, searching for family's needs, and distributing food baskets to them out of supporting and backing them in Ramadan. The initiative comes out as continuity of many  guided initiatives of AlBiald to serve the society and out of care and everlasting attention of AlBiald to support social solidarity and communication among all society classes.

Mr. Abdalmohsen Almolhm, general manager of marketing and communication sector and general supervisor of society responsibility in the bank has declared that "this initiative comes out of the sense of the bank of its responsibility towards its society and out of faith in significance of needy people assistance particularly in Ramadan." Almolhm has added, "such initiative comes out as a continuity of initiatives provided by Bank  AlBiald  over the year according to the annual program prepared for it. At the same time, he has referred to the diligent endeavors of the bank to include its male and female ambassadors in these activities aiming to serve the society in representing values of volunteering and participation of those affiliated which are consistent with values and attitudes of the bank."

It is worth mentioning that Bank  AlBiald provides several programs under "#Al Bilad_initiative", under which initiatives of society responsibility of the bank of more than 34 programs and initiatives to serve the society are listed.  One of its outstanding outcomes is "Fazkrouni" (فاذكروني) application for smart phones whose users are more than two millions and five hundred thousand, in addition to preparation of a typical branch for people with special needs service, issuance of bank terminology dictionary with sign language, which is one of its kind in the Medium East, and several creative society initiatives with sustainable effect such as participating in Sibalah development in Riyadh and population initiatives support. In the environmental maintenance, the bank pays due attention to such aspect through applying environmental friendly building criteria in all establishments of the bank from insulation and building materials that participate in decreasing energy use, in addition to clean energy resources use. Furthermore, the bank on an annual basis participates in the international Earth Hour Program for awareness of decreasing carbonic emissions and their danger on Earth and cleaning sea-underwater initiative. It is possible to see many other society initiatives by visiting "#Al Bilad_initiative" on the bank website www.bankalbilad.com.​

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