Bank "AlBilad" Launches a Donation Campaign to Clean Mount Souda Park in Abha

Bank "AlBilad" Launches a Donation Campaign to Clean Mount Souda Park in Abha

W​ithin the framework of social responsibility program of Bank Al Bilad "#Al Bilad_initiative", the bank cooperated with Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and Asir Princedom to launch a donation campaign to clean Mount Souda Park from wastes harmful to environment in Abha, Asir. A lot of Bank AlBilad representatives contributed to the campaign with the participation of SANADCOM voluntary team and youth council of Asir region, to implement this campaign aiming at raising the awareness of preserving environment importance and wastes danger, increasing the level of public awareness, and saving the park from pollution to support national project of environmental awareness and sustainable development.

Mr. Abdil Mohsen Al-Milhem, general manager of marketing and communication department and senior officer of social responsibility program in "AlBilad" Bank, expressed that "the bank is proud to implement this initiative through which it aims to increase public awareness of preserving environment and protecting it to achieve aspirational kingdom vision of 2030. This vision aiming at preserving environment and natural resources will result in promoting internal tourism and achieving sustainable development."

It is also noteworthy that this initiative falls within Bank AlBilad seeking surrounding region where they perform "#Al Bilad_initiative" program that falls within social responsibility bank initiatives exceeding 30 programs and community service initiative, with one of the most visible applications "Fazkrouni" for smart phones being one of its outcomes, which exceeds two million and five hundred users, in addition to equipping special need service center, banking terms glossary in sign language, which was the first at the level of Middle East, and a lot of innovative sustainable community initiatives. Also, Bank AlBilad is interested in preserving environment field through following eco-friendly construction standards with all bank buildings using insulation and construction materials contributing to low power combustion and using clean power resources. Moreover, the bank contributes to international earth hour program annually to increase awareness of reducing carbon emissions and its danger on earth. You can also know more information about other social initiatives through visiting AlBilad initiative page of Bank AlBilad site.

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