Mada Honors Bank AlBilad

Mada Honors Bank AlBilad

Mada Honors Bank AlBilad for its contribution to one billion transactions in 2018​

Bank AlBilad has been honored by Saudi Payments Company 'Mada" as a one of the partners of success of the payment process through the point of sale (POS) machines 'Mada' to one billion transactions in 2018 through the 'Billion Thank you" celebration held at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Riyadh in the presence of banks and financial institutions. This honor is a reflection of the Bank's contribution to the electronic payment and point of sale services in the Kingdom. The most important of which was the launch of AlBilad Card, a prepaid card that provides the customer with an easy and secure way to pay purchases through websites and linked to the current account. The customer can easily recharge the card through the transfer from the current account to the digital card account across the AlBilad Net or AlBilad's application of smart devices and use it through the websites and the customer can get the card immediately through AlBilad Net and choose the right color for the customer and start using the card and shopping online directly.​

Bank Al Bilad has recently launched Pay with your phone and have peace of mind service, which is "Mada Pay" on Bank AlBiad Cards (Mada ATM, Tamkeen, Credit Cards, Medad Prepaid), which enables the bank's customers to pay their purchases easily and securely through the Near-field Communication (NFC) technology, whereas the customer of the Bank can through the service make purchases by simply passing the smart phone in front of the POS machine reader , and it may be required from the holder of the card at some times to enter the PIN code so as to enhance the security level of purchases above SR 100 and the service can be used internationally anywhere in the world.

Bank AlBilad has also provided the 'Successful Merchant Equation' (POS + AlBilad Account), an added value for POS customers from institutions, companies and retail outlets. It is possible to benefit from balances collected from points of sale transactions in AlBilad account, the first of its kind in the Saudi market, which grants monthly returns on the balances accumulated in the merchant account with the possibility of withdrawal and deposit at any time without any restrictions. The bank provides AlBilad account in Saudi riyals and the US dollar

It is worth mentioning that Bank AlBilad offers a variety of cards that suit the needs of customers including:

  • Mada Prepaid Card – the best way to shop online and it is available in a digital way that it can be ordered from the AlBilad Net and obtained directly with selection of the right color and getting reward points "AlBilad Mukafaat" Program with every purchase in and out of the Kingdom
  • Tamkeen Credit Card, the first of its kind that grants customers repayment of amounts due in monthly installments and without a profit margin (0%) with many advantages such as airport access service and obtaining points in 'AlBilad Mukafaat' Program with every purchase inside and outside the Kingdom.
  • Household Labor Card, the best way to convert the salaries of domestic labors (driver / maid etc.) easily with the benefit of the male/ female worker from the advantages of the card, such as cash withdrawals from ATM machines and payment of purchases and shopping through point-of-sale machines and taking advantage of all transfer services through the money transfer arm (INJAZ) and pay bills across the country Net and payment of bills across the AlBilad Net.
    In recognition of all customers, Bank AlBilad offers the 'AlBilad Mukafaat' Program which allows customers to earn points with every purchase inside and outside the Kingdom * and use them for amazing rewards, whether travel or tourism rewards (airline tickets / hotel bookings / holiday packages) or shopping vouchers for shopping or even the first-of-its-kind exclusive option in the Middle East (cash back) that offers customers the opportunity to use the points to pay back the value of purchases coming with Bank AlBilad Card from any store and at any time through the POS.
    It is worth mentioning that  Bank Albilad provides services to all clients through its extensive network of 150 branches across the country, in addition to five independent sales centers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dhahran, Tabuk and Al Kharj operating until 9:00 PM, as well as over 180 money transfer service centers "Injaz", including King Khalid Airport Center in Riyadh, which operates 24/24 and provides services to the SME sector through more than 10 centers in Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Al-Hasa, Abha, Makkah, Al-Qassim, Hail, Al-Jubail and Al-Khafji. Albilad Bank business phone No. 8001237777, email:, supported by an ATM network of more than 850 ATMs and the latest integrated e-services 24/24, including the website and Albilad application for smart phones. Bank Albilad provides 24/24 communication line via Albilad phone No. (920001002) or through all social media channels, including Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Snapchat, to meet all their banking needs.

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