Bank Albilad Provides a Special Offer for Opening an Account Digitally

Bank Albilad Provides a Special Offer for Opening an Account Digitally

Bank Albilad Provides a Special Offer on Opening an Account Digitally

Bank Albilad has launched a new offer for customers who open a current account online through our website , where the customer will get a chance to earn 150,000 points in Albilad Rewards Program. The draw will be made on 20 winners per week and the offer will be valid until 30 September 2020. This offer falls within Bank Albilad's endeavor to provide multiple options and solutions to our valued customers to meet all their needs and requirements.

It is worth mentioning that Bank Albilad has launched a current account opening service for individual customers and corporations in a digital way via the website of Bank Albilad as the first bank to do so in the Kingdom and in the Middle East. This service allows our customrs to open a current aaccount from any place without the need to visit the branch at all or to submit any documents and without having to sign any document.

The Bank has also launched Albilad Rewards Program to enable its valued customers to earn points by using Albilad cards and exchanging them with valuable rewards, such as buying gift vouchers or receiving rewards related to travel and tourism or even getting a cash back that enables the customers to use the points to pay the value of future transactions with Albilad Bank card from any store and at any time via point of sale machines and online shopping.

Bank Albilad is a Saudi joint stock company with a commercial register No. (1010208295), headquarters address is 8229 Al Mutamarat, Riyadh 12711 – 3952, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is subject to the supervision and control of the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) and licensed under Royal Decree 48/M on 09/21/1425 AH, corresponding to November 4, 2004 AD.

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