Bank Albilad partners with Tarmeem Charity Association to sponsor the volunteer unit

Bank Albilad partners with Tarmeem Charity Association to sponsor the volunteer unit

Bank Albilad partners with Tarmeem Charity Association to sponsor the volunteer unit

Bank Albilad announced signing a partnership agreement with Tarmeem Charity Association to sponsor the volunteer unit to implement the tasks of volunteer opportunities in restoring the homes of families in need. This includes “repairing ceilings and walls, plumbing and electrical work, painting facades and improving the home environment, as part of a series of community initiatives launched by Bank Albilad to promote the culture of volunteer work in the society. The agreement was signed by Bank Albilad, represented by Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Mulhim, Executive Director of Marketing and Communications and General Supervisor of Social Responsibility Programs, and by the Association, represented by the chairman of the Board of Directors, Engineer Hamad bin Thawab Al-Khalidi.

In this regard, Mr. Abdulmohsen Al-Mulhim said: “This agreement with Tarmeem Charity Association to support the volunteer unit creates 10,000 volunteer hours for 800 male and female volunteers and provides them with technical skills required to help needy categories in the society by reducing manpower costs of for building house. Through this agreement, the Bank aims to promote the culture of volunteering in the society by helping all needy categories and spreading awareness of the importance of volunteer work. The bank also highlights the role played by volunteer initiatives in uniting the society and creating sustainable community development. Ambassadors of Bank Albilad will participate in the volunteer work, in line with Bank Albilad’s leading role in the field of social responsibility through #Albilad_Initiative program, and as part of the Bank’s continuous efforts to raise awareness and encourage volunteer work among the bank’s ambassadors, in line with the objectives of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030 to reach million volunteers.”

Engineer Hamad bin Thawab Al-Khalidi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Association, said: “The fields of the volunteer unit include educational, health, environmental, developmental, engineering, safety and occupational health fields, in addition to the professional, craft and administrative fields. The volunteer unit focuses on attracting, qualifying and empowering volunteers and organizing volunteer initiatives, which motivates, and helps volunteers to invest their energies in a way that ensures sustainability.”

Al-Khalidi concluded his speech “by valuing the partnership with Bank Albilad in supporting this project, which is in line with Vision 2030, which aims to raise the number of male and female volunteers to one million. Tarmeem seeks to actively participate in achieving this goal by encouraging volunteer work and participate in various volunteer opportunities. Through the volunteer work platform, the hours of volunteer work and the economic return from volunteer opportunities will be documented in a way that motivates and supports the participants, volunteers and the Association.”

It is noteworthy that Bank Albilad pays attention to community service under the umbrella of social responsibility programs #Albilad_Initiative, which exceeds more than 57 programs and initiatives to serve the community, the most prominent of which is the Comprehensive Access Branch (Al Takhassusi Branch in Riyadh) with all the capabilities necessary to serve people with disabilities. This in addition to the launch of the banking sign dictionary to enable people with hearing disabilities to perform their transactions with confidence and ease. Also, the bank’s ATMs around the Kingdom have been adopted for the use of the blind and people with disabilities, through the development of special software and ground guiding paths. Moreover, Bank Albilad provides “Fazkironi” application for smart devices, which has more than two million and five hundred thousand users. The application includes prayer times, Qibla directions, supplications and adhkaar. Bank Albilad also provides many innovative community initiatives that have a sustainable impact on environmental development. Bank Albilad recently launched a qualitative initiative in the field of environment protection by establishing a Solar System in Albilad Tower, distributed over an area of 1743 square meters. This initiative is regarded as one of the largest initiatives to use renewable and sustainable energy to preserve the environment, which significantly assist in supplying Albilad Tower with clean energy that would reduce environmentally harmful carbon emissions and reduce consumption costs.

You can view all CSR programs and initiatives offered by Bank Albilad by visiting #Albilad_Initiative page on Bank Albilad's website www.bankalbilad.comBank.

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