Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration

Contracts and Procurement Department at Bank Albilad aims to facilitate all expenditures that take place in the bank as per the approved procurement cycle through a unified and effective processes and procedures. It further aims to facilitate all types of purchases required by the bank, including but not limited to the following:

  • General goods or consumables:

Goods that are consumed within a short period of time (usually less than one year), which includes, but not limited to: stationery, printings, CDs, batteries, printers cartridges, etc.

  • Fixed assets:

 Items that are purchased for long-term use (usually more than one year), which include but not limited to: lands, buildings, equipment, information technology, etc.

  • Services:

 An economic activity where an immaterial exchange of value occurs between the bank and a third party, which includes but not limited to: professional services, provision of manpower, technical and administrative studies, commercial advertisements, and audits.

  • Projects: 

Projects: Business conducted by a third party to fulfill a request that results in the delivery of physical products and/or services. Such projects in which it’s delivered in stages, including, but not limited to, Implementation of IT applications/ and Construction/ Renovation of the Bank's branches and buildings

Bank Albilad aspires through Contracts & Procurement Department - Vendor Management unit to achieve high quality in a timely manner by providing information through the creation of communication channels with Vendors to be more effective and efficient in attaining the contractual relationship under the concept of total quality. The understanding of the bank’s requirements is reached through competent Vendors that provide the best services and expertise for the bank.

Our vision

Creating an advanced, world-class model that achieves leadership and competitiveness in the field of procurement.


Working in partnership with other business units in the Bank to achieve a proper cycle of procurement in line with business needs while keeping the highest levels of professionalism and ethical behavior in accordance with laws and regulations.


  • To manage the processes of purchasing goods or services in compliance with the Bank’s vision, following its (functional and institutional) strategy, and abide by the Bank’s policies.
  • To develop and adhere to unified procedures for purchasing goods and services in a controlled and effective manner.
  • To reduce commercial, financial, and supply risks faced by the bank when dealing with vendors, and while supporting the appropriate levels of professional standards both internally and externally.
  • To process procurement activities through transparent and ethical practices with open and fair competition for all types of procurement.
  • To deal with financially vital, ethical and reputable vendors who meet expectations related to quality, delivery and desired financial projections.
  • To engage as a trusted business partner through flexible and effective participation in fulfilling business needs on time.
  • To produce a clear value in consideration for expenditure on all procurements and achieve the effective cost through effectively managing the relationship with vendors.
  • To develop a solid administrative information system to include a comprehensive and detailed perspective on the Bank's expenditures that can be reliably used in the decision-making process in the future.  

How to register as Vendor or Contractor? 

Please fill and send all below forms to and you will be contacted by procurement and Vendor department representative.  

​Vendor registration form
​Contact details form

​Authorization Signatory form

​Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of interest 

​Rules of professional and ethical conduct of bank Albilad suppliers

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