Vendor Registration

Vendor Registration

Bank Albilad aspires through Vendor Management to achieve high quality in a timely matter by providing information through the creation of communication channels with Vendors to be more effective and efficient in attaining the contractual relationship under the concept of total quality. The understanding of the bank’s requirements is reached through competent Vendors that provide the best services and expertise . for the bank.

Vendor Management  plays an important and active role in maintaining a relationship with the best vendors and service providers in order to meet the Bank’s strategic objectives by implementing operational plans and applying the best practices through open channels of clear and direct communication.

How to register as Vendor or Contractor? 

Please fill and send all below forms to and you will be contacted by procurement and Vendor department representative.

​Vendor registration form
​Contact details form

​Authorization Signatory form

​Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of interest 

​Rules of professional and ethical conduct of bank Albilad suppliers

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