Offer LG with the Albilad cards

Offer LG with the Albilad cards

​Enjoy your shopping at LG with ​additional discount of 10% on the listed Home Appliance and Home Entertainment on top of any running. 

​How to Redeem?

  • Use the promo code: BILAD10 when paying with Bank Albilad cards (mada - credit - Tamkeen Plus - prepaid)

  • Use the promo code: ENJAZ10 when paying with Enjaz card

Terms and conditions

  • This offer Starting from 21-11-2023 until 09-12-2023
  • There is no cap on the Amount.
  • This offer is valid on Website only Click Here.
  •  Tamkeen card is excluded.
  • This offer is valid on only Albilad cards
  • The Offer is Valid Only on the Products available for the Sale on
  • Products included in the offer are subject to availability.
  • Albilad Cards and LG terms and conditions apply

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