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The Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) has developed a set of Banking Principles to guide the relationship between customers and their banks. These have been defined in order to help you understand the rights and responsibilities you have when dealing with a bank, Based on that, Bank Albilad has issued this booklet that clarifies the principles to be followed by Bank Albilad when it:
  • Provides you with banking products and services.
  • Gives you financial information and advice.
  • Advertises banking products and services.
  • Handle your complaints.
To ensure the protection of its customers, Albilad Bank has implemented the customer protection principles. In addition to that, Saudi Central Bank will continue monitoring the banks to ensure that they adhere to these Banking Principles .

Are you a banking customer? 

The Banking Principles apply to all banks that do business in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and are licensed and supervised by  Saudi Central Bank. They also apply to the customers of these banks.

A customer is defined as:

“A natural person who is acting outside of the scope of his business and who is enjoying the products and services offered by a bank.”

Your rights as a banking customer

  • Bank Albilad should deal fairly and honestly with you in every interaction.
  •  Bank Albilad should be transparent with you in every interaction, and provide you with the information you require about products and services that are easy to access and understandable. 
  •  Bank Albilad should make you aware of the financial risks and opportunities that apply to any of its products or services before you buy it. 
  •  Bank Albilad should work in a professional manner to ensure your satisfaction and the protection of your  financial interests. 
  •  Bank Albilad should monitor and protect your financial assets against fraud.
  •  Bank Albilad should protect your financial and personal information and ensure it is not disclosed to third parties.
  •  Bank Albilad should give you easy access to file a complaint through mechanisms that are clear, certified, timely and efficient. 
  •  Bank Albilad should allow its customers  to search, compare and where appropriate, switch between products, services and banks with ease.
  •  Bank Albilad should be responsible and accountable for the actions of their authorized agents.
  •  Bank Albilad must have a written policy on conflict of interest, and ensure that this policy is disclosed to customers in case of a conflict of interest between the bank and a third party.
  •  Bank Albilad should communicate any changes in terms and conditions at least 30 business days in advance of any such changes being implemented.
  • Bank Albilad should not require a customer to have a minimum deposit to open a personal bank account. However, a bank has the right to close an account if the account balance is zero for a period of 90 days from the date that the account is opened.
  •  Bank Albilad should inform customers of decision by the bank to close a customer’s account 60 days in advance of the account being closed and the reasons for this. In cases of fraud or embezzlement by a customer, a bank can immediately close or block an account without communicating with the customer.
  •  Bank Albilad should provide customers with a copy of the schedule of fees, charges and commissions when they provide a product or service, when signing a contract or as requested by a customer at any time.
  •  Bank Albilad should inform the affected customers of any changes in fees and charges, including any fees and charges imposed by a third party, 30 business days in advance of any such changes being implemented.
  •  Customers should be advised in contracts and application forms that any fees or charges (greater than SR500), which are required from the customer in order to avail of a bank product or service, will be evenly distributed without amortization over the projected lifetime of the product or service and will not be deducted in one full payment, unless the customer confirms otherwise.
  •  If the customer decides not to proceed with the banking product or service within 10 days of signing the contract, Bank Albilad should refund an appropriate portion of any fee or charge which has been deducted.
  •  Where Bank Albilad advertises or promotes any product or service that requires a customer to pay a fee, it should indicate the amount of all fees and commissions relating to the use of the service or product.
  •  Bank Albilad should notify their customers that any ATM card withdrawals outside of KSA could result in additional withdrawal fees as per Saudi Central Bank list of fees and charges.
  •  Bank Albilad complaints procedures should include the expected time period for the bank to respond to the customer with a decision on the complaint that would not exceed 10 business days from the date of registration of the complaint.
  •  Bank Albilad should communicate with the customer about the period of time needed to update him on his complaint. If the complaint is not resolved within the set time, the bank will communicate and update within 10 business days of the complaint’s submission date.

Your responsibilities as a Bank Albilad customer

  • Before engaging in a relationship with Bank Albilad, you must know and understand your responsibilities as a customer and how you can help Bank Albilad to help you.
  •  Be honest and accurate with all the information you give to Bank Albilad.
  •  When applying for a product or a service provided by Bank Albilad, ensure you have read all information given to you and you are aware of your obligations.
  •  Always clarify with Bank Albilad employees about anything that is unclear or a condition that you are not sure about.
  •  Don't hesitate to file a complaint or escalate your issue to higher levels if appropriate.
  •  Make sure you understand all terms and conditions associated with any product or service provided by Bank Albilad.
  •  Keep in mind that some financial products or services carry risks and provided by Bank Albilad should clearly explain these to you.
  •  Apply for products or services that suit your specific needs and financial capability.
  •  Report unauthorized transactions to Bank Albilad immediately.
  •  Do not disclose any personal or banking information to any third party.
  •  Seek the advice from Bank Albilad when encountering any type of financial difficulties.
  •  Ensure that your banking information is up-to-date at all times at Bank Albilad.
  •  While corresponding with Bank Albilad through mails, make sure you use your own mail and e-mail address and not other's to avoid exposing your information. 
  •  When granting a ‘Power of Attorney’ be careful about the information you are granting access to and to whom you are giving power over your financial matters.
  •  Do not sign empty or partially completed forms.
  •  Review all your documents before you sign them.
  •  Keep all your banking documents and cards in a safe place.

What to do when you want to file a complaint?

If you believe that Bank Albilad is not following the established Banking Principles, you should first file a complaint to Bank Albilad. Bank Albilad must have clear and accessible complaint procedures in place, and must handle your complaint speedily, efficiently and fairly.

Filing a complaint through the following channels

Visit the bank through:

Any Bank Albilad branch

Customer Complaints Unit

Contact Bank Albilad on the following numbers:

  • Toll Free number: 8001230000
  • Outside the Kingdom: 00966 920 001 002
  •  fax:  0112779559
  • Through Albilad Net (Messages Center)
Contact the Customer Complaints Unit on the following numbers:
  • Phone:  011- 479 8344
  • Fax: 011- 479 8909
  • Email:

If you are not satisfied with how your complaint is being handled or with the response you receive to your complaint and want to escalate it, you can contact the Saudi Central Bank Consumer Protection Department, using any of these communication channels:

Telephone: 800 125 6666
Visit:  Saudi Central Bank Head Office, Al-Ma'ather Street, Riyadh. Our hours of service are Sunday to Thursday 10.00-14.30
Saudi Central Bank
Consumer Protection Department
Al-Ma'ather Street, P.O. Box 2992
Riyadh 11169, Saudi Arabia
You can download the brochure from here.

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