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Are you looking for the best savings account in Saudi Arabia?

Bank Albilad Savings Account is the best option for growing your savings for the future. Bank Albilad offers a savings account service that provides you with safe monthly returns based on the average balance and in accordance with Sharia Committee regulations.

What Are You Waiting For?
Open your savings account now via Albilad App without visiting the branch!

What Are the Features of Bank Albilad Savings Account?

  • Open your saving account for free and online via  Albilad App or
    Albilad Net
  • Safe Monthly Profits.
  • Sharia compliant saving account.
  • The minimum initial deposit to open Saving Account is SAR 1,000.
  • Monthly account statement facility.
  • Track and manage the Savings Account via Albilad Net.
  • Quick and simple transfer from the Current Account to the Savings Account via Albilad Net, either by transferring the amount from the Current Account or under the customer prior instructions, such as:
    • Standing Orders to transfer a specific amount to the Savings Account at a specific time.

Terms and Conditions for Saving Account

  • Customers must first have a current account with Bank Albilad. You don’t have an account in Bank Albilad? Open Your Account Now!
  • The minimum initial deposit to open Saving Account is SAR 1,000.
    For the full terms and conditions, Click Here

How to open the Savings Account online via Albilad App without visiting a branch?

  • Log in to Albilad App
  • Choose saving from the list
  • Click on Apply for New Saving Account then Learn More
  • Review product details and information and click on Apply Now
  • Enter the required information, then click Next 
  • Your Savings Account has been opened successfully!

How to open the Savings Account online via Albilad Net without visiting a branch?

  • Login to Albilad Net.
  • Click on "Request Bank Products"
  • Select " Open Saving Account"
  • Fill in the Application Form
  • Agree to the Terms and Conditions.
  • Your Savings Account has been opened successfully!

Profit Sharing Ratio in Bank Albilad Savings Account

Segments (per savings period)

Sharing Ratio

Profit Rate of October 2023

One Year


Two Years


​Requirements of Transfers from the Savings Account


No. of Transfers Allowed during the Contract Period

One Year
One Transfer
Two YearsTwo Transfers (one transfer per each contractual year)

What is the difference between Albilad Account with Monthly Returns and the Savings Account?

Characteristics Savings Account Albilad Account with Monthly Returns Investment Wakalah Program
Profits Calculation Start DateFrom the date of depositing the amountFrom the date of depositing the amountFrom the date of depositing the amount
Profit Calculation PeriodOn the last day of every calendar monthOn the last day of every calendar monthOn the completion of tenor / At maturity
Issuance of "mada" Debit CardNot AvailableAvailableNot Available
Account CategoriesBased on the saving periodBased on the balanceBased on the investment period
Profit Calculation MechanismAverage balance during the monthBased on account currency Average balance during the month
Additional Deposit CalculationThe additional deposit is calculated upon profits distributionThe additional deposit is calculated upon profits distributionAdditional deposit are not allowed, new Investment Wakalah deposit can be created with new start date for each additional investment
The minimum qualifying amount for profit sharingSAR 1,000
SAR 5,000
SAR 100,000
USD 30,000
TransfersLimited transfers are accepted during the saving periodUnlimited transfers and withdrawals from the account at all times during the monthTransfers to / from the Investment Wakalah are not allowed. The Investment Wakalah can be cancelled before maturity but no profit will be paid
Profit Distribution Ratio90% - 100%
SAR 30%-40%-60%

USD 40%-60%-80%
Based on anticipated profit rate at the time of booking of Investment Wakalah deposit
Eligible ParticipantsIndividuals OnlyIndividuals / Companies / Institutions / EntitiesIndividuals Only
Account Opening ProcessOnline via Albilad App or Albilad Net
Online via Albilad Net or Albilad Branches 
Online via Albilad App or Albilad Net
or Albilad Branches 

Conditions of Transfers from the Savings Account

  • The transfer amount shall not exceed 50% of the account balance (excluding the profits of the savings).
  • The first transfer from the Savings Account is permitted three months after the start of the Contract.
  • The second transfer is permitted twelve months after the beginning of the contractual year.
  • The maximum transfer limit is one (1) withdrawal transaction for each contractual year.
  • If the customer violates the savings plan, customer will not be entitled to any profits, and the Contract will be accordingly null and void.

Example of profit calculation for the Saving Account

Oct 2023Sept 2023July 2023
90% Segment Sharing5.020%5.07%4.92%
100% Segment Sharing5.578%5.63 %5.47 %
Average balance during the month100,000 SAR

100,000 SAR100,000 SAR
Return rate based on account segment 90%432.27 SAR422.50 SAR423.75 SAR
Return rate based on account segment 100%480.32SAR469.31 SAR470.80 SAR
Number of month days313031

Calculation of Profit Sharing:  (Average balance during the month x number of month days x revenue on Savings Account based on account segment) / (360)



The average balance is calculated as follows: the total balance divided by the number of the month days, including consolidated profits.

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