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Saudi Share Trading

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Bank AlBilad offers you a real opportunity to grow your funds by making it easy for you to trade in Saudi stock market, which is one of fastest growing markets in the world. AlBilad Tadawul, which is connected to Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) share trading platform, Tadawul, offers you a host of real time solutions to trade local corporate shares. You can easily and securely initiate your day-to-day sell/ buy transactions from anywhere in the world.

Trading Channels

AlBilad offers you a number of modern, flexible, and user-friendly share trading channels. Designed to meet your various trading needs, these channels include:

Internet Trading – AlBilad Tadawul
AlBilad Tadawul provides your with access to local share prices, and allows you to initiate buy/ sell transactions, adjust or cancel orders, from anywhere inside or outside Saudi Arabia without having to visit the trading floor.

Over the Phone Trading
Bank AlBilad offers you share trading service over the phone. Simply, you can directly call our Local Share Central Trading Unit where one of our professional team of dealers will promptly process you orders and update you on the latest market developments.

Dedicated Trading Rooms
Bank AlBilad offers you another practical trading solution through dedicated trading rooms in all of our branches. You can access real time stock market information through large screens connected to the Saudi Share Trading System, Tadawul, and initiate your transactions. Each of Bank AlBilad branches has special fully equipped luxurious rooms for up-scale customers making trading a uniquely enjoyable experience. Our branches also include women dedicated rooms with all banking services.

Online Registration Requirements

  • Investment account with Bank AlBilad
  • Mail address (P. O. Box)
  • Valid ATM card
  • Internet connection through an Internet service provider
  • PC with up-to-date version of Internet explorer and operating system with reliable security and encryption properties.​

Over the Phone Trading Features

  • Elite of professional and experienced dealers with local market expertise.
  • Access to the latest and real time Saudi stock market information and developments
  • ​Minimal turn around time and accurate processing of orders

Over the Phone Trading Requirements

  • The customer should sign a Phone Trading Agreement at any of Bank AlBilad branches.​

How to Open Tadawul Account

  • ​All you need to do is to visit one of our branches where one of our relationship managers will be readily available to help you open an account in an ambience of comfort, convenience, care and attention.


  • Valid ID (National Identity Card or Family Registration Book)​

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