Albilad WhatsApp

Albilad WhatsApp

Albilad WhatsApp at your service around the clock!

In Bank Albilad, we are always keen to provide the best level of service to our customers. We are pleased to launch a new channel to communicate with our customers through the WhatsApp app at our verified number  920001002. We are happy to receive your inquiries or comments around the clock!

How to communicate with the official Bank Albilad channel through the WhatsApp app

  • Save Albilad phone number 920001002 in the contacts on your mobile and then enter the WhatsApp app and choose Albilad phone number that was saved to start the conversation.
  • Or click on the icon below to take you directly to the bank channel 

Security instructions when using WhatsApp

  • To make sure that you are chatting with the official account of Bank Albilad through the WhatsApp, search for the green badge    next to the name of Bank Albilad.     

  • Bank Albilad will never ask to share your bank information or provide your card or account numbers via WhatsApp, but the bank may only request your mobile number registered with us based on your type of inquiry.

  • Make sure not to respond to any messages you receive via the WhatsApp app, which requests your bank information or to provide your card or account numbers and claims to be one of your friends or one of the official business accounts. Bank Albilad will never start the conversation with you, but rather you will be answered when the conversation starts from your side and depending on your type of inquiry.

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