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Albilad mobile app with easy interface

The new Bank Albilad mobile app, when banking meets technology!

For easier and efficient banking through your smart phones, download the new Bank Albilad mobile app. With this all new Albilad mobile app you can enjoy the modern interface, easy and quick navigation, and ease of transactions in a timely manner. It’s designed to fulfil your banking needs without soliciting any complications.

What are the features of new Albilad mobile app?

We envisioned the best mobile app for banking in Saudi Arabia to have the following valuable features:

  • Open your new digital account via the App
  • Update personal and financial data online through Albilad Net without visiting a branch.
  • Register to e-channels directly using the app
  • Easy login using authorized fingerprint or Face ID
  • Quick access to view your account and transactions 
  • Personal accounts services
  • Online International Transfer using Enjaz money remittance and Western Union services
  • SADAD/MOI payments
  • All card services
  • Summary of financing details
  • Locate branches and ATMs
  • View exchange rates and currency convertor

​What is Transfer within Bank Albilad Without the Need to Add a Beneficiary service?

A service that allows customers of Bank Albilad to transfer to each other without adding them as a beneficiary using aliases (Identifiers) such as: Account Number, ID Number, Mobile Number or Email.

How can I transfer to another Bank Albilad customer using this service?

  • From Albilad App
  •  Transfer 
  • Tap to Select Beneficiary 
  •  Quick Transfer 
  •  choose Bank Albilad

How to download the Albilad mobile app?

You can download the Albilad app from from the following stores

Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Can I enroll in electronic channels via the Albilad App?

Yes, you can enroll in e-channels by choosing Enroll on the login page.

What are the requirements to enroll in electronic channels?

To enroll in e-channels, you must have an active current account, and mada card.

Forgot my username or password, what do I do?

Through the Albilad App, you can retrieve your login information by choosing Retrieve username or password on the login page.

Can I view my accounts without logging in?

Yes, you can activate Quick Access, which allows you to view your account by entering the predefined 5-digit code.

Does the mobile application support fingerprint ID?

Yes, Albilad app supports fingerprint ID for both iOS and Android.

My account got locked. What do I do?

Choose retrieve username or password on the login page to retrieve your personal information and unlock your account.

Can I add a beneficiary and transfer money using the bank mobile app?

Yes, Albilad App allows you to add beneficiaries and perform various types of transfers (local and International).

Can I stop the quick transfer service from my account?

Yes, from Albilad App > Transfers > Manage Quick Transfers > Transactions Limits > Disable Transfer to Aliases.

Can I disable my aliases?

Yes, from Manage Quick Transfers than Manage Aliases.

Can I receive quick transfers without adding aliases?

You cannot receive quick transfers without adding aliases.

Is there a transfer limit for quick transfer?

The transfer limit is set by the customer and can be changed up to 2500 SAR.

Will the customer receive notifications when using quick transfer?

Yes, the customer will receive notifications when doing any transfer using this service.

How can I activate quick transfer in Albilad App?

  • Transfer > Tap to Select Beneficiary > Quick Transfer > a pop-up will appear to the customer to enable the quick transfer.
  • From Albilad App > Transfers > Manage Quick Transfers > Transactions Limits > enable Transfer to Aliases.

How can I change the transactions limits?

Albilad App > Menu > Transfers > Manage Quick Transfers > Transactions Limits.

Can I add beneficiary and transfer money using Western Union?

Yes, Albilad App users can avail Western Union services.

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