Currencies Exchange

We are keen to provide our customers with the best services that meet their needs. One of our services is foreign & gulf currencies exchange service, where we provide it at a very competitive prices with a wide network of centers around the Kingdom and 24/7 in the international ports.


  • Availability of most of the gulf & foreign currencies
  • Competitive prices
  • Service available in all Enjaz Centers across Saudi Arabia 
  • Service available 24/7 in the international ports

Who can benefit from this service? 

  • Citizens (National Identity)
  • Resident (Resident Identity/Iqama)
  • Saudi Arabia visitors with Hajj and Umrah visas
  • Saudi Arabia visitors with Tourist visa
  • Saudi Arabia Visitors with any other type of Saudi's visas

Where to find us?

  •  Riyadh city King Khalid international airport (Departure terminals and Arrival terminal)
  • Albilad Multi-Currency ATM (Departure terminals)
  • Enjaz centers (during centers working hours)

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