Enjoy the best international fees with Enjaz !

Save up to 10 SAR on your Internaitonal Transfers!

With Enjaz new reduced fees. Now, you can save up to 10 SAR in every international transfer via Enjaz through all international money transfer services (Enjaz Easy, Western Union and TRANSFAST)



  • Enjaz Easy
  • Western Union

New transfer fees

​Enjaz POS
​Enjaz Kiosk
​Enjaz Centers
​Enjaz Easy
​18 SAR
​18 SAR
​25 SAR
​Western Union**
​21 SAR
​21 SAR
​​25 SAR*
​25 SAR
​​25 SAR
18 SAR
25 SAR
​​25 SAR
​All countries
​All countries
​All countries

All the fees include VAT
*Western Union transaction fees vary through Enjaz centers for some countries according to the transfer amount, starting from 25 SAR with VAT  

Term and Conditions

  • The new transfer fees apply on 25th of May 2021 
  • These fees only applied on the following channels (Enjaz POS remittance, Enjaz Kiosk, and Enjaz centers)
  • These fees only applied on the following services (Enjaz Easy, Western Union, Transfast, and SWIFT)
  • Bank Albilad (Enjaz) has the right to change the fees at any time without any further notice.

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