Mada Atheer Service

Mada Atheer Service - Secure Card Payment

Make secure and easy POS payment with card using the Mada Atheer service

Making payments via Mada Atheer service using your Bank Albilad card is easy and secure. Instead of paying through cash for purchases lower than SAR 100 tap or wave your card at the POS terminal. Such card payment solutions don’t only save you time but are also efficient. 


To clear all your confusions, we’ve answered commonly asked questions regarding our Mada Atheer card payment services below.

 Is there an additional fee for using the Mada Atheer card payment services? 

No, Bank Albilad card holders do not have to pay any additional charges for using the Mada Atheer service. 

 Where are Mada Atheer card payment services available? 

A sticker on cashier counters indicates if card payment merchants accept the Mada Atheer service. 

 In case a card is waved more than once at the POS payment card terminal, how many transactions will take place? 

In such a scenario, the POS card payment terminal will only accept one payment. 

 What are the benefits of Mada Atheer card payment services? 

Mada Atheer card payment is a secure, fast, and convenient mode of paying for low-value purchases. 

 Is it necessary to renew your Mada card to use the service?

Yes. Your card should support the Mada Atheer service to use this payment mode.

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